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The Good Times Jamaica Dance Club was established in 1986 by Fleming Trosclair, Doug and Sharon Pettipan, Verdie Enloe, and Dale and Glenda Giroir; a group of friends who loved to do the Jamaica. The club started with a beginner class of 35. Today our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes average 40 to 45 students.

When the Jamaica was first danced, there were no names for the steps; we just copied what we saw. However, when we decided to form the club and teach the dance, we needed names for the steps, so we either pulled names out of the hat or used the person's name who did the step.

We meet on Tuesday nights at The Four Columns, 3711 Westbank Expressway, Harvey, LA. (504) 340-4109.

Charter members: Verdie Enloe, Dale and Glenda Giroir

For additional information contact
Glenda Giroir at (504) 341-7738
Verdie Enloe at (504) 436-7640

Times Picayune article of September 24th, 2009.

Samples of Jamaica songs

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